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Energy Forecasting

Forecasts form the basis of 

smart decisions.

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Energy Forecast

SEED energy forecasting

geopredict has extensive experience for power generation forecasting in Solar and Wind, thanks to the various funding projects and working with many renewable energy companies around the world.

The forecasting is done by our powerful AI energy forecasting system SEED.

SEED is built on the geopredict`s AI technology to generate energy forecasting and uses CLIMFOR for the atmospheric modeling with the aid of earth observation satellite data. 

What is interesting in SEED forecasting?

SEED energy forecasting advantages

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SEED Services

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Parameters We Forecast

  • Wind and solar power generation, customized to single-site and multiple sites located in different geographic locations.

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Medium-term Forecasts

  • 7 days in advance in 15 min intervals
  • Hourly and/or daily forecasts 744 h or 31 days in advance

geopredict offers a wide range of forecasting services for Solar and Wind energy under its SEED Platform. 

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Short-term Forecasts

  • Daily forecasts in 15 min time resolution,
  • Intraday revisions in 15 min resolution for given time slots

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Long-term Forecasts

  • Weekly and monthly forecasts for up to 26 weeks or 36 months in advance for maintenance and planning needs

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Probabilistic Forecasts

  • A probabilistic forecasting range of your choice between 1% and 99% percentiles for any given point in time

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Power generation Forecasting

Day-ahead, short, medium and long-term energy forecasting, for Solar and Wind sites.

Weather based Predictive operations and maintenance of the sites. Based on our CLIMFOR atmosphere forecasts:

  • Identification of extreme events
  • Anomaly and fault detection
  • Capacity derating
  • Thermal runaway
renewable power generation forecasting

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Renewable Energy Resources Forecasting

Short (hours - days), medium (weeks – year) and long-term (up to 25 years) energy resources forecasting for Solar (GHI/DNI) and Wind (wind speed) sites.

  • Existing sites 
  • New-sites exploration (blind)
renewable energy resources forecasting

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Energy utility, storage analytics forecasting

SEED Forecasting for:

  • Load, Price
  • Storage capacity
  • Optimal storage management

(Storage analytics and forecasting under development, looking for industrial partners)

energy price forecasting

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SEED Dashboard

SEED Dashboard is a LIVE! Platform with periodic updating, where the energy forecasting related analytics are displayed.

The analytics are customized based on the customers and generally consists of:

  • Live data vs day-ahead forecasted data with intra-day revisions
  • Penalty analytics based on the regulations of the distribution companies
  • Comparative analytics between current and past years
  • Plant production performance analytics

We also adapt the dashboard to customer requirements for predictive operation and maintenance, energy resource planning and load as well as price forecasts display as well. 

SEED dashboard
geopredict predictive knowledge factory and forecasting services

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